Pickup and Delivery to Save You Time

The increasing demand for in-home convenience has grown exponentially in the last few years — from streaming services to meal delivery companies, busy people prefer to avoid time-wasting and transportation costs. We at Westpoint Cleaners understand the changing market and the growing requirement that companies cater to the customer at their home. As a result, we offer free pick-up and delivery for all your dry-cleaning needs; simply contact us to be added to our delivery list. We will provide you with a garment bag, which you can leave on your doorstep for pick-up. Your garments will be returned freshly cleaned with our prestige quality assurance.

If you’ve found it too inconvenient in the past to bring your apparel to the drycleaner, you may have noticed that home washing your clothing has caused it to wear out more quickly than expected. Delicate and detailed clothing has become damaged, colours have faded or the consistency of your fabric has been ruined. With free pick-up and delivery, you’re spared inconvenience, cost and the loss of important garments.

Clothing received on either day of our delivery schedule (Tuesdays and Thursdays) will be returned to you, freshly cleaned, when you are next scheduled for delivery. For example, if you are a twice-a-week delivery customer and a pick-up was made on a Tuesday, the clothing will be delivered to you on Thursday of the same week. If you are a once-a-week delivery customer and a pick-up was make on Tuesday, then you will receive your clean clothing the following Tuesday.

To sign up for our delivery list, please contact us at (403) 246-8120 or cs@westpointcleaners.com. Please include the following in your message: the date and time that you would like us to come by, the address where pick-ups and drop-offs will be made and any other personal requests regarding how you would like to personalize our services to fit your needs.

Visit our Pickup and Delivery page here to find out what neighborhoods in Calgary and area we service!

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